The Züricher Verkehrsverbund has decided with its eight market responsible companies and as the largest association of Switzerland for the implementation of the central operating message recording and incident management system Nettro®BME. On behalf of Siemens Automotive AG (a subsidiary of Continental Group) Nettropolis created the "ZVV Forms Management" in connection to the ITCS system VICOS LIO based on Nettro®BME.

The Züricher Verkehrsverbund has decided with its eight market responsible companies and as the largest association of Switzerland for the implementation of the central operating message recording and incident management system Nettro®BME. On behalf of Siemens Automotive AG (a subsidiary of Continental Group) Nettropolis created the "ZVV Forms Management" in connection to the ITCS system VICOS LIO based on Nettro®BME.


The system solution of Nettropolis AG could satisfy very demanding customers in the transport because of its available features to the modern ergonomics and system architecture and the variability of its function modules, the system flexibility and its performance. The modular concept of the family Nettro®IGP, which thanks to its modular principle offers the possibility to the system environment to add gradually and variable free more functional modules, was the decisive criterion in the positive decision to award Nettropolis.

Operational and technical applications would be the heart of the system, which displayed with Nettro®BME centrally the work processes. An overarching, consistent, but also company-specific and thus authorization control process will be created with integrated event-driven action and measures plans. Important for the later overarching productive is that each transport company only deposit the exception viewing and access authorization in Nettro®BME on the administrative authorization console. This also applies to the departments or divisions as well as users in the transport itself. Each user receives a structured and phased authorization concept, the profiled view and access permissions that are necessary for a task allocation and subsequent execution of work.


Another focus in the project implementation is the control center application from the perspective of Zurich Public Transport as well as for IT technical mapping, that developed over decades "index card system" of VBZ, serving as an integral part of the event-driven checklists and activities of a structured incident management.


The technical possibilities, operationally necessary adaptations in ZVV modules to be connected to the standard system, and the basic philosophy of systems engineering Nettro®BME both decision makers and the business users have convinced the ZVV:

  1. To categorize and document operation message recorded electronically in a central system.
  2. Trigger reporting chains and measures resp. measures bundle with the help of the system and work through check-lists and reminders (alarms) structured.
  3. The resulting actions and necessary referral information to run integrative – system automatic or interactive - the responsible personnel, the responsible departments and the transport companies (integrated in the ZVV) market will integrate into applications and system technology under authorization control.
  4. The transparent allocation of responsibilities and representation, their tracking and a more current view window of scheduled operating messages and their processing advances to complete the claim of a modern and ZVV future-oriented command and control "form management".
  5. Nettro®BME meet the needs of a all-embracing form management with integrated search and filter functionality and additional with analyses and reporting functions.

On behalf of system technology and the user ergonomics, will enter into cooperation between Siemens Automotive AG and  Nettropolis AG, with the integration of ITCS to template management uncharted territory. The communication and data interface between VICOS LIO and Nettro®BME will be implemented as a bidirectional system interface. Standard characteristics in the interface between ITCS system and the form management was that the communication was implemented using a unidirectional online interface. Comparable here with the Nettropolis projects in the VGF in Frankfurt, Darmstadt HEAG or VAG Nuremberg.

The increased ease of use for the user to the control center is as follows:

In the future, the control center staff can trigger activities directly or take back again on the surface of Nettro®BME in the ITCS system. For example, measures can be produced about line or course definitions or even by selection a section. The vehicles in the details dialog of Nettro®BME can be addressed to a radio call and subsequently speak with the driver.


As an operational outlook: As an operational outlook: It will in future also be possible to produce passenger announcements or information in Nettro®BME, such as a pre-defined text modules or as events that appear below the DFI ads both in vehicles and on the stopping place on the communication string ITCS. The whole combined with reminders and alarm clock function for the executive control center staff - when the measures are upstream, when the measures are withdrawn.

Innovation from the ZVV project: The implementation plan for a bidirectional system interface between an ITCS system and a form management is in this characteristics and quality to be considered as the first of its kind. Unmistakable is that this interface solution is a great added value to the future of our productive transport and certainly should not only meet the ZVV demands.

Abstract for the ZVV Project: In coordination with the size of the market's responsible companies, the functionality and performance packages to map the entire business operation of the operating message and incident management for all departments in the public transport needs in a centralized system. Each step for the recording and documentation of operational messages, combined with - cross-company information and communication and the uniform process mapping, including the system enhancements, such as the bidirectional interface to the ITCS system make an application for Nettro®BME as a holistic form management.

Importantly, the smaller responsible market companies in ZVV that do not require the system complexity of the VBZ and do not have the appropriate personnel will be gradually introduced to "their system". It has paid for the ZVV that can deliver Nettropolis AG as a competent partner and with the claim the right product and the right system solution, regardless of size. Based on the central system ZVV Nettro®BME Advanced, comparable to the functional characteristics of the products Nettro®BME Basic and Nettro®BME Standard, function blocks, views and features for business needs could be enabled.

Concluding remarks: it is interesting to look from our side as AGITCS, which development Nettropolis AG has passed through. In the years 2005, 2006, as an absolute newcomer to the public transport market, but even with good references for instance in the HEAG mobile in Darmstadt (ITCS-Award winner 2007), the VGF Frankfurt and Karlsruhe VBK. End of 2006, perhaps also with "support" of the ITCS-Awards, they could gain BVG Berlin, Bonn and the SWB VAG Nuremberg as new customers. In 2007 were the implementation of projects and the handling of the subsequent contracts. The Rhein-Neckar-Verkehrs GmbH (Rhine-Neckar traffic) another well-known company could be won as new customer. The ZVV is the first new customer of the still young trading year. Which we think it is a very beautiful and healthy development for this company.

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26.03. 2018

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